The company is a sought-after partner in the building and construction of both residential and infrastructure projects, in the country and abroad. n 2015 the company was awarded with “Oscar” in the field of construction in Bulgaria and in 2016 with the Gold Award for Medium Business in Bulgaria in the category “Transport Infrastructure Buildings”. The main goal of the company is to strengthen its image by establishing a strong presence in the market and applying international practices and policies for quality of work.

ACTIVE BUILDING INC. LTD participates actively in social and civil dialogue with consistent actions to create economic stability and social security.

The company’s donation policy is a priority for improving road safety, educating children in accordance with traffic rules, and providing support for children with socio-economic disadvantages. Actively participates and supports regional, national and sectoral business associations in integrating efforts to create a favorable business climate. Maintains good trade relations and partnerships with well-known companies in various sectors of the construction industry.

The company is managed by Mr. IVAN IVANOV – founder and originator of PST Group EAD and ACTIVE BUILDING INC. EOOD, Member of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, a specialist with technical and juridical qualification with over 20 years of experience in construction process management.


you can find

your new green home

Location of the building

TECH PARK HOME marks the beginning of a new modern place to live around Sofia Tech Park.


Sofia, Poligona area,
Mladost district,
Gen. Yordan Venedikov str.

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  • +359 886 395831

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